What is a prose?

I’ve started posting stuff on theprose.com, starting with my pre-existing Not Words and my Nonsense Short Stories I write with…

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Not Words

This is a list of words that don’t exist but do in my head. In future, they will be stored…

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Fantastic Glass 1.2

As we’re about to release version 1.2 of Fantastic Glass we thought it pertinent to slap together a quick blog…

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The Complete Robot

I’ve been working on an album for over a year now, within a specific concept.

The project has birthed the name The Complete Robot.

The Album will likely be titled Attack.

This is a sample of one of the tracks in progress:

Here’s TCR’s Reverbnation Page

and here’s its Sound Cloud Page.

Nonsense Nonsense Nonsense!

I’ve added a new dump space for storing creative nonsense.

At the moment it’s for Bad Short Stories but I’ll also most likely be putting musical and visual crap there too.